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Return Policy

Store Return Policy - How to return a product purchased at an Afribarn Auto Parts Store:

To return a product to an Afribarn Auto Parts store, bring back an item in its original condition and packaging, with receipt, within 30 days of the purchase date to request a refund. Return a defective item within the warranty period. Requests for refunds may be denied if the item has been used or installed.

Afribarn Auto Parts  reserves the right to require a valid government-issued photo ID for all returns that will be recorded at the time of the return. Information from your ID will be retained in a company-wide database of customer return activity.

Buyers Responsibilities:

  • Buyer agrees to provide all the required details needed for successful shipment and delivery of product(s) ordered on The required details may include but not limited to legal name, valid address, valid phone number, valid email address, and billing information

  • Buyer agrees to be contacted via phone calls and/or SMS and emails in case of any order and/or shipment issue.

  • Buyer agrees that risk falls on you in the event of damage to the product after receipt, otherwise the risk of loss or damage remains with Afribarn Auto Parts Corporation until the moment the product(s) is delivered to you.

  • Buyer understands that product(s) may sometimes not be exactly as described on, and Afribarn is liable for any product that is not error-free, reliable, or accurate. If any product does not fit the exact description on the website, it is the responsibility of the buyer to return the product(s) if he or she chooses to do so.

  • Buyer agrees to be responsible for the payment of product(s) ordered including shipping fee and taxes.

  • Buyer agrees that when you are returning a product, you are responsible for the shipping fee, and your refund is only for the price of the product and taxes, but not the shipping fee.

  • Buyer agrees that he or she has seven (7) business days from the day the product(s) is delivered to decide if he or she is satisfied with the product(s) or wants to initiate return, and return must be received within 30 business days from the day you received the product(s). Please see Returns for more information

  • Buyer agrees that Afribarn Auto Parts has the sole right to cancel an order when such order does not comply with the policy of or when cannot meet the requirement of such order, or based on difference in pricing that resulting from typographic error or product description, or any other reason. Afribarn Autoparts will try its best to communicate any cancelation in appropriate time and a refund will be issued as soon as possible.

  • Buyer agrees that Afribarn reserves the sole right to temporarily or permanently modify, change, or delete product(s) that is displayed on without notice.

  • Buyer agrees that has the sole right to suspend, ban, or refuse to provide you access to without any notice if there is a breach of the Afribarn policy by you or by proxy. You will not attempt to register on again in any form or under alias, unless reinstated by Afribarn. 



Online Return Policy – How to return a product purchased online from Afribarn Auto Parts:

Product Return to an Afribarn Auto Parts Store

  • To return a product to an Afribarn Auto Parts store, simply take the product, in its original packaging and/or box, to the store of your choice along with your receipt. You must drain all fluids, if any, from the product before returning it.* It’s recommended that you take the credit card used to purchase the product so the store can credit your card for the price of the product. If you do not have the credit card, or you purchased with PayPal or another digital payment method, simply present your receipt and the product, and the store will reimburse your account.

  • All returns to an Afribarn Auto Parts store are subject to the Store Return Policy, and not all products are eligible for returns. For instance, all sales of customized items are final, and not eligible for returns.

Product Return by Mail

  • To return a product Afribarn Auto Parts shipped to you by mail, fill out the Return Form (found in...) and include it with the product in its original packaging and/or box. Before packing be sure to first drain all fluids, if any, from the product.Customers are responsible for all shipping costs and shipping costs are nonrefundable.

Afribarn Auto Parts recommends that you return the product to our store using a carrier that provides package tracking services to ensure your product gets back to Afribarn Auto Parts store safely and quickly. 

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